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Hi there!  Welcome to Your Governor's Institute Online Portfolio, your gateway to GIV's prestigious and fun enrichment events.

We'll post 2019 dates starting in November at!
Students:  Have you created an application with us before?  Use the same sign-in information you used previously to create your application. Forget your password?  Use the "Forgot your password?" link just under the sign-in area. If you are still having trouble, email us at or call 802 865-4448.

First time here?  Create an account to begin your application. Parents: please remember it is your student's responsiblity to start and complete their own application!  Each student creates their own account using their name and email. Applications completed by parents will be discarded.

Parents of accepted students:  Once enrolled, your students can grant you access to their portfolios anytime they're signed in. If you or your student have any trouble with this, you can email us at or call 802 865-4448.